Data Manager

How to upload, tier, & edit your data

Uploading Your Data

Use this link to navigate to AlphaGeo's Data Upload Guidelines, which is also made accessible within the Portfolio Analytics UI (Data Manager ➡️ Assets ➡️ Upload Properties ➡️ *Click Data Upload Guidelines & Template*).

Note: Drag & Drop / Browse files method should only be utilized once your data is formatted in the designated template provided.

To download the template used for your upload, click the hyperlinked Excel file within the first line of instruction "Data Upload Template."

Tip: The data fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory!

Tiering Your Data

When uploading your properties, you are required to create your first tier. Tiering is essential for building parent/child hierarchies within your dataset. These hierarchies capture nuances like internal/ external reference data surrounding fund/ portfolio composition, including, but not limited to:

  • Firm,

    • Fund,

      • Strategy

        • Manager/Operator,

          • Portfolio/Investment/Pool/Deal,

            • Capital Contribution,

Tip: Swap "INSERT TIER 1 NAME (ex. Strategy)," etc., for your desired nomenclature - this will reflect in the UI & subsequent exports!

Note: Each Tier 1, 2, and 3 has its own child tiers, and while the names could be the same, parent tiers are always unique.

Caution: Deleting a tier will remove the associated underlying data since the tier serves as a grouping mechanism. Alternatively, to retain the underlying data, update the current tier to another, and then proceed with the deletion of the now-empty, i.e., former parent tier.

Editing Your Data

Once your data is uploaded into the application, it will appear in the "Assets" tab of the Data Manager. Here, you can filter your data entries, check their upload status and review their composition for potential edits.

Tip: After selecting an asset (or multiple assets), right-click to either edit, duplicate or delete the entry(-ies). You can create another row by clicking "Add Property," with option to add further granularity by ticking "Show additional fields," and quick-search for properties by address, state, ZIP code, etc.

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