Multi-asset Heatmap

Using the Multi-asset Heatmap within Portfolio Analytics

Multi-asset Heatmap Feature

Choose between impact percentage and risk-level when visualizing your properties - or prospects - globally.

Within the Multi-asset View of Portfolio Analytics, users are able to navigate risk clusters by range of Physical Impact and Resilience-adjusted Impact percentages, as well as the level of Heat, Drought, Hurricane Wind, Inland Flooding, Coastal Flooding and Wildfire risk in a given location.

Tip: clusters will adjust based on resolution, i.e, "zoom," and you can click-and-drag to span across the map before click-and-drilling into a given location to understand potential asset concentration risk per factor.

Note: The color palette is consistent across each risk tab, whereas descriptors differ slightly. While Physical Impact and Resilience-adjusted Impact are understood as a percentage-range, climate factors are depicted as having Very Low, Low, Medium, High or Very High Risk.

Once you've drilled-down into a risk cluster of interest, switch over to the Single-asset View for a detailed breakdown of the factors contributing to an overall negative - or positive - score for each of those underlying properties!

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